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MFiT – Mastered for iTunes – Approved by Apple

 10.00 160.00

Mastered for iTunes
Wav 24 bit (High Resolution)
Wav 16 bit (For CD or some aggregators like iGrooves or cdbaby)
MP3 320kbps
MP3 256kbps
AAC iTunes+
All compressed files are 100% distortion free

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MFiT is a mastering according to the guidelines of Apple. Certain specifications must be maintained. Only Apple certified recording studios are authorized to do so.

This is an additional step after mastering.  MFiT is only worthwhile for artists with a major label contract.

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Additional information

Lossless Format Wav

24 bit, 16 bit

Compressed Format mp3

320kbps, 256kbps

Compressed Fotmat AAC (Apple)

iTunes+ 256kbps

All compressed files are 100% distortion free

mp3 + AAC